Graphic Design

Our print studio team have a wealth of experience in graphic design and pagination for print.  The studio equipment and software are continually updated enabling us to work seamlessly with your company.

Whether we print from your artwork files or you choose to use our expertise to design an exquisite addition to your direct marketing campaign you will receive the complete studio experience that you would expect from a design agency. Our capable studio team will guide you through the creative process and ensuring we produce an outstanding look for your literature.

Receiving Artwork

Our team currently work with a number of prestigious design agencies and print management companies across the UK, choosing to supply their own print ready artwork, should you choose to produce your own artwork, we are able to receive your artwork via disk, email, file sharing sites or through our secure FTP site.  Please request FTP access.  We request that artwork is supplied to us as high resolution PDF’s including 3mm bleed, please ensure PDF’s are single cantered pages, if you are producing a booklet ensure views PDF in page order i.e. front cover, text pages, back cover.  For more information please see FAQ or call us 0121 4574810.

Once we have produced or received your approved artwork, it will be processed through our automated pre-press production and control system called true-flow and an electronic proof is generated for your approval. Following your approval ISO standard calibrated proofs are produced and ultimately generate process-less lithographic plates through our CTP (computer to plate) system, eliminating the need for film and chemicals that are harmful to our environment, and negating the use of water.

Colour Management

Our proofs are calibrated to our presses, in most cases it is relatively easy for our press operators to match our proofs by setting the press to run to densities.  This is because the proofing system is set up to the presses capabilities rather than the other way around.  As our studio, plate making facility and our presses are all on one site it is normally quite straight forward and swift to correct any abnormalities which may occur.