Green Policy

As printers we are fully aware of the impact our production process has on the environment. We have adopted responsible environmental procedures to ensure that the care of the environment is a fundamental consideration in all spheres of our production operations.

We seek to inform and educate our staff and customers about the environmental issues regarding material used in our manufacturing process.

We aim to use materials that have no undue impact on the environment, that are produced by efficient use of energy and where possible are derived from natural sources that can be re-used, recycled or disposed of safely.

We have carefully selected our suppliers to ensure they have a monitored environmental policy that corresponds with our declared environmental policy and that of our clients.



  • All the paper/board we source is from sustainable forests and most has a mix of up to 25 of recycled content.
  • Our inks are vegetable based and solvent free .
  • Sealants are water based.
  • Plates are process-less, removing the need for processing chemicals and water

We are continually working to achieve higher environmental standards in our day to day activities by;

  • Lowering energy and water consumption
  • Reducing material consumption
  • Using environmentally friendly materials
  • Operating a total recycling policy, if it can be recycled we recycle it
  • Minimising fuel consumption


Waste Disposal

As a company our use, recycle, reuse, policy means that everything which can be reused or recycled is, so metals, plastics, glass, paper etc.

  • Paper/board waste is collected and recycled by Waste Management Solutions
  • Plastic packaging, shrink wrap, pallet wrap is collected and recycled by Waste Management Solutions.
  • Aluminium plates are sent to a local metal recycle merchant.
  • Chemicals are returned to the supplier and are disposed in a controlled environment.
  • We use local recycling centres for domestic waste created by staff.
  • All our general commercial waste is collected by our local council, this has reduced from 4 x 1200 litre wheelie bins to 6 orange bin sacs weekly.

We are pleased to offer a free recycling service to our customers for any non laminated unwanted printed product which has been produced by ourselves.

This policy is reviewed regularly to seek further improvements which could be made.