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Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is known as one-to-one direct marketing. It gives you the opportunity to connect individually and effectively to each of your customers or prospects on a one to one level and is purely based on information you’ve gathered about them. It creates a more personalised appeal to the receiver and could be the difference between your mailer getting thrown in the bin or getting that all important sale.

Recipe for one-to-one marketing success


  • A database
  • A message
  • Heron Press


Method – It’s all down to what data you hold. Using your data, talk to Heron Press about what data you hold on your customers. Tell Heron Press what message you want to deliver, i.e. direct client to website, get them to call you, tell client about a new product, service, open day etc.. Heron Press will tell you how you can deliver your message using your data in the most effective way.

Examples – Using the customer’s name “Jennifer” in a dynamic way, using fonts and text to tailor the message for her. Change the image – it could be an image of 4 x 4 for a 35 year old mother or hot hatchback for a single under 25.

Result – A sale, interest or enquiry generated from a successful tailor made one-to-one direct marking campaign delivered to the target audience using variable data and THE PROSPECT DID NOT THROW THE MAILER STRAIGHT INTO THE BIN!!!