Specialists in prospectus printing

Specialists in Prospectus Printing

Heron Press are specialists in Prospectus Printing and other educational print. We design and print prospectuses for schools and colleges across the UK. In addition to prospectus printing we print student planners, folders, newsletters, reading record booklets and reward stickers. We have worked closely in education for over 35 years earning the title “Education Print Specialists”.

First of all your Senior Manager may wish to have a design consultation with us. This is complimentary and we have many samples of prospectuses for you to see. Taking the time to look at what others have done and developing it for your own prospectus works well. This is especially relevant if it is the first time you have been tasked with producing a prospectus. Our experience sales team are on hand throughout the entire project from initial briefing through to delivery. Therefore helping you produce your best prospectus yet.

Most of all it is Photography that can be the challenge. Many hire a photographer before the design has been considered. Due to photography being the largest selling point of a prospectus we do suggest that we are involved before the photos are taken.  We help by working with your chosen photographer to ensure the photography compliments your prospectus.  In conclusion to ensure that the message your school and college want to portray is met.

Almost all schools have problems with parental consent for photography. Where this is a challenge please be assured that there are alternatives where NO photography need be used. Is this a problem for your school? Ask our sales team for more information.

Finally please take a look at our testimonials page to hear what our customers say about us.