Is it still acceptable to give out promotional gifts to clients?

Well as a traditional marketers our initial response is yes. What is a promotional gift? Essentially it’s a giveaway item that is printed with your company logo, slogan and contact details.  Done correctly it should raise the profile and exposure of your company brand. It does not necessarily mean the giveaway will gain you extra business.   It should be a welcomed and useful item to the recipient. It should ideally be relevant to your business activity in some way.  For example there is not much point an engineering company giving away a trolley keyring however a car dealer would do very well by giving away such an item. An engineering company may be better placed giving away a printed desk calendar or a printed wall planner. This would be useful for them planning manufacturing deadlines and planning staff holidays.  They may also find squared to scale paper such as Notepads useful. So when considering how to spend your marketing budget, consider what your client will find useful and trust that by them using the item regularly that your company will be at the forefront of their minds. At very least they will want the next years replacement version. I’m always shocked how many people request our desk calendar year on year – out now!    So how to choose? 1) Decide your budget 2) How many people will you give the item to 3) Will you be hand delivering or posting 4) Is it a festive gift or new on boarding 5) Is your target client desk, factory, car or outside based   For more information on how you can make the best decision for your client base on promotional marketing budgets we can help. Please do get in touch www.heronpress.co.uk