Printed brochures for marketing success

It is true that we often feel challenged with understanding the role and relevancy of printing a company brochure within the modern digital marketing mix of today. We feel that digital marketing is more favoured over more tangible items such as printed brochures and other printed literature such as postcards and printed flyers.  At Heron Press UK, we believe that, even in this digital age we face today that printed brochures retain their importance and are actually more effective than email, social or web marketing and should be used to enhance the marketing mix.

Over 50{23f770117e6709cc91f439f9f4505eb266c93418177c4b9db5afabd56efa583b} of people still regularly use a brochure or catalogue when purchasing an item or service. A recent Royal Mail study revealed that 37{23f770117e6709cc91f439f9f4505eb266c93418177c4b9db5afabd56efa583b} of customers who viewed a brochure before making a purchase online in the last year spent 13{23f770117e6709cc91f439f9f4505eb266c93418177c4b9db5afabd56efa583b} more than those who didn’t. Brochures create desire, interest and excitement during the decision making process.

With this in mind, can you really ignore the importance of a printed brochure, leaflet or catalogue that could make your business stand apart from your competitors and gain you that important sale.  Talk to Heron Press UK today about cost effective design, print and mailing to enhance your marketing success.