Digital Printing versus Lithographic printing in Birmingham

It is widely known that the quality of digital printing in Birmingham is not as good quality as lithographic printing. However it is ideal for short run printing such as business cards and full colour leaflets, producing cheap and fast printing! When designing for digital print your graphic designer needs to think about using solids and tint gradients which do not look great on a digital printing machine, if designed correctly digital printing can look superb and a real competitor to lithographic. Lithographic printing is the established “traditional” way of printing, it is more expensive but the quality is much improved, images and wording are crisp and vibrant.  Graphic designers have fewer restrictions enabling them to use their creative flair freely. If you want printers in Birmingham to produce high quality printing, lithographic print is the way forward.  We can produce from 1000 items very cost effectively. Look at our Print page to see more about printing.  Contact Heron Press for a quote today