Are you making your printed literature interactive?

Printed leaflets and printed brochures fight for their place with in the marketing mix in Birmingham,  as the digital age takes hold.  However are you ensuring that your printed literature is interactive to ensure its success? Printed literature has a proven track record for directing potential customers directly to your website to make a direct purchase or get in touch with you.  With the use of QR codes, its never been easier to do this whilst the consumer is actually on the move with their mobile device.  With more consumers buying on-line rather than by feel we need to use printed leaflets and posters to direct them especially when your company is not on price comparison website or able to afford search engine advertising.  For a printing company which is able to offer advice on the best way to make your print interactive for marketing success contact Heron Press UK, printers in Birmingham for help, call today 0121 457 4810.